Why Cheesymiteapples?

The story behind the name of my blog!

The Cheesymite Apple Sandwich: is the name I gave a sandwich I created randomly one morning. Every morning for breakfast I have a pressed sandwich with Apple slices & different spreads/condiments inside.

I would usually have:

  • Butter & Cinnamon Sugar
  • PB&J
  • Honey
  • Maple Syrup
  • PB&Honey
  • PB&Maple Syrup

So I decided why not try Vegemite & Cheese!? I normally have this just on its own on toast or crackers no Apple slices inside. After my first trial…ill admit I was a little apprehensive at taste testing. But seriously as gross as this combination is to most people, I’m completely hooked!

I decided to name the sandwich  by combining 2 of my favorite foods!

Cheesymite Scrolls: These scrolls are a signature product at Bakers Delight here in Australia, and they are heaven.

Green Apples: Yes Green apples, not really sure why! But this is the only kind I would have everyday for recess all the way through Elementary school & High school. Now even today I still only stick with my favorite Green Granny Smith Apples!

and so The Cheesymite Apple Sandwich was born :)


9 Comments on “Why Cheesymiteapples?”

  1. Haha! This is a cute explanation of your name. I’ve never tried Vegmite. I’m so curious!

  2. Shannon says:

    Those Cheesymite scrolls look SO GOOD! 🙂 I love green apples! 🙂

  3. just found your blog!!!
    I was in Australia this past summer and tried Vegemite for the first time! Little did I know that it’s not meant to be eaten like peanut butter and I scooped a HUGE spoonful onto my bread and then almost threw up! haha I haven’t been able to talk myself into trying it again, but maybe I will now!! I look forward to reading your blog =)
    -Christina ❤

  4. Have you tried a cheese, vegemite AND apple sandwich?? I just ate one because your blog name inspired me to make one. It was actually quite nice!

  5. Cool blog name… A nice combination for a sandwich, too! Haha! Very cool!

  6. Sprouty Buns says:

    love the blog name, very cool to hear the story behind it! 🙂 I’ve never tried vegemite, but now you have me interested!

  7. Kyra (Scribbles & Sprinkles) says:

    Nice name! Have you tried Cheesy Bite? http://www.idsgn.org/images/crowdsourced-branding-a-disaster-for-kraft/cheesybite.jpg They sell it here in NZ, it’s quite good imo 😀

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