My Week At A Glance

This week has flown by and it’s almost 2 more weeks till Christmas! It’s been a week filled with appointments, catch up’s with friends and shopping.

First thing Monday morning I had a Physio appointment. I had my weekly check up to see how my injury is holding up after the race last Saturday. Some of my Physios recommendations for the rest of the month: Build up my runs on concrete 1-2 times a week no more then 5k, take 2 rest days a week if I need it, don’t push it too soon! Basically I still have to be cautious and listen to my body. So if I need to back off I will. I’ve got to continue to look at the bigger picture and focus on racing well in 2012!

I spent a good portion of this week shopping for outfits for some upcoming parties. I still haven’t bought my family Christmas presents yet. I’m so selfish I know! As well as getting myself some things I purchased some gifts for my friends. I have a friends 24th Birthday dinner tonight and another friends Christmas Party next Saturday night. It is the season to be merry and I will allow myself to get a little merrier than usual. Yes I plan on drinking my calories for once!

Amongst all this working out was definitely not forgotten.

Monday: 8k easy run on grass, warm down on Bike approx 40mins & Stabilization

Tuesday: 2 x 45min Intervals on the Bike + Stabilization

Wednesday: 10 x 100m Strides, 30mins easy on the Bike & Light Weights

Thursday: 2 x 45min Intervals on the Bike + Stabilization

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 10k Club Training Run

Sunday: 90mins easy pace on the Bike

Only dilemma for the week was whether or not to work out today. I had set Friday aside as a rest day since I have my club training run first thing Saturday morning. I know that it’s not ideal to be running 2 days in a row on concrete it will will only set me back in terms of healing. But I so baldy wanted to go out for a run or do some form of exercise since I was going out tonight. It took an enormous amount of will power but I actually actively rested today and resisted the urge to work out. Those ED voices are always going to be there ‘Just burn a few calories to make up for what your going to eat tonight’. Yes tonight I will be eating slightly unhealthier foods than usual and having a drink or 2, I shouldn’t feel the need to work off calories in order to eat! I’m satisfied with my training this week and I need to understand that taking a break is necessary otherwise I will burn out again or worse re-injure myself.

As for tonight Sam who is one of my closest friends is celebrating her 24th Birthday has organized a dinner. It will be at a Vietnamese Restaurant with a banquet style menu. Sam was so thoughtful when she was choosing the dishes for tonight, she went to the trouble of making sure there would be Steamed Asian Green Veggies & Seafood for me. Sam is one of the few friends who understands how much eating out can still be stressful for me.

I’ve been starting off my Morning’s with a Black Coffee pre-workouts & Protein Shakes/Chocolate Milk post-workouts.

Cinnamon Banana Oats: 1/3 cup Oats, 1 Banana mashed, scoop Chai Seeds, 1tsp Cinnamon, topped with Kiwi Fruit & Mixed Nuts

Morning Snack: Finished off a tub of Cottage Cheese with a chopped Cucumber & Carrot + Orange slices on the side

Lunch: Microwaved a Sweet Potato & Asparagus and an unpictured Mixed Berry, Yogurt & Muesli Parfait.

Afternoon Snack: Another bowl of Oats!

Vanilla Blueberry Oats: 1/3 cup Oats, 1/2 cup Blueberries, scoop Vanilla Protein Powder, scoop Chai Seeds, topped with an Apricot and PB&J

I achieved a small milestone today by not restricting with foods prior to heading out. I ate normally throughout the day something I never used to do back in my ED days. I’m happy about this because it means I’m addressing the food problems I have head on and these small behavioral changes are steps in the right direction.

Happy Friday ๐Ÿ™‚


The Gift List

I haven’t even started Christmas Shopping yet. Ill probably be running around last minute as usual! I’m actually stuck on what to get people this year. I’m thinking going down a different route this year and purchase Christmas gifts with a difference. So I’ve been looking up various websites that offer a range of ethical Christmas gift ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

I love the Oxfam Shop’s in Sydney, they have by far the best selection. From handcrafted homewares, fair trade coffees, teas and chocolates. The best part is it pretty much suits any budget.

Some of their foodie items that caught my eye:

  • Zhenaโ€™s Gypsy Coconut Chai black teabags

  • Sencha Green Tea Mints

  • Oxfam fair Dark Chocolate Spread, 400g

  • Ruby Grapefruit Marmalade 340g

I want to try all of them. So I figure if I get them for my parents it’s a win win for me…since ill get to sample them too ๐Ÿ™‚

Some of my most recent eats:

Cinnamon Banana Oats: 1/3 cup Oats, 1tsp Cinnamon, scoop Chai Seeds, 1 mashed Banana topped with mixed Nuts & chopped Apricot

Snack Plate: Orange slices, Sesame Snaps, Carrot sticks & Cottage Cheese for dipping

Another Snack! chopped Strawberries, kiwi fruit & some of the Cookie I made earlier this week

This was my fave edible so far this week Poudine Mais aka Polenta Pudding. My Grandmother sent over some leftovers from a party for me. I’m going to try and make these this afternoon…I doubt it will turn out or taste as great.

Hope your all having a lovely week so far!

‘You know you’ve grown up when none of the things you want for Christmas can be bought at a store’

Dark Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie

  • 1 cup Self Raising Wholemeal Flour
  • 1/4 cup Brown Sugar
  • 1/4 cup Rice Bran Oil
  • 1 cup Macadamia Nuts
  • 3/4 cup Dark Choc Bits
  • 1 Egg
  • 1/4 cup Water
  1. Combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix.
  2. In a separate bowl whisk wet ingredients together.
  3. Combine both wet and dry together and stir until well combined.
  4. Pour cookie batter into prepared cake tin and bake for approx 15-20mins or until Golden ๐Ÿ™‚

I crumbled and enjoyed these on my oats!

Enjoy What’s Left Of The Weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

Race Recap: December 10km Handicap Race

I started off my Saturday Morning bright and early with my clubs handicap race. This is held the first Saturday of each month. A handicap race is basically when the slowest runners start first and fastest last. The start times are staggered and are adjusted according to previous timed runs. My Handicap start time was + 10mins, this means I had to start 10mins after the start gun went off. They had estimated that I should be able to complete the 10k in 40mins since I was still running with an injury.

This was my first race in over 2 months! I was so nervous Friday night I went to bed super early. I think it was more of a psychological thing. I hadn’t attempted a 10k run since my injury and the most I had been able to complete running/jogging during training was 8k. Any longer after this and I would be in too much pain to the point that I was half limping half jogging. On top of that these last 2 weeks my training wasn’t that great. Last week I had to have 2 rest days…I still find it hard to take 1 rest day let alone 2. This week my training schedule was derailed completely and I was only able to complete 1 decent run.

So basically this morning my stomach was in knots. I wanted to run but I was almost fearful to know what time I was going to run it in. I kept thinking this is going to make or break my weekend. But then I kind of backtracked a little and thought to myself, who cares what time I run it in. I shouldn’t let this set the tone for the rest of the weekend either!

Fast forward to 7am: Once I got there I chatted to other Club members who I hadn’t seen in a while. This gave me chance to catch up on what everyone’s been up to/find out what times everyone was now running. I can be quite competitive! I was a little jealous of some of their times especially the guys that I normally run with. They generally put up a cracking pace and I can keep up with them for the first 5-6k before backing off. At this point I was even more nervous and it was too late to pull out since 1) I was already there 2) my Dad came and was trying to psych me up. I didn’t want to disappoint him, for the last couple weeks he had been great with motivating me and even training with me at my snail pace!

With 40mins to kill before my start time I did a 2k warm up around the Lake and Stretched for a bit. When I’m nervous I tend to pee a lot…so yeah numerous trips to the bathroom!

7:40am: I’m off! For the first 2k I was actually quite comfortable and managed to maintain a good pace. It was also during this time that I decided that I wasn’t going to look at my watch.ย  I had started the stopwatch but I would only look at my time once I was across the finish line.

At the 3k mark this was when I started seeing runners who had started before me. So I took them on one by one. I wanted to try and overtake as many runners as I could before I reached the 5k mark. These 2k’s are the hardest part of the course because there are not 1 but 2 hills before you reach the 5k turn around. In my attempt to not place too much pressure on my injured heel, I stayed on my toes. I didn’t want to have to pull out of the race after just 5k’s! So I tried to minimize the impact on my heels.

5k down 5 more to go. Now I really had to knuckle down and a) not let anyone overtake me b)overtake more runners.

It was these middle k’s that I really struggled. Not going to lie I wanted to stop. But instead I just kept pushing past the pain. When I saw someone ahead of me this motivated me to increase my pace and past them. I honestly kept doing this the entire time…it made the time past quicker and before I knew it I had 1k to go.

I gave it my all. I literally just sped up and used up whatever I had left (which wasn’t much by this stage). I was disappointed I couldn’t finish as strongly as I usually do.

Results: 4th place Overall & 1st Female across the line

Time: 39:32

I have mixed feeling about this race. Returning to racing from an injury made me lose a lot of confidence and it showed in my run. It’s given me a good indicator at how much fitness I’ve lost. I suppose I can only build up from here. I have 4 weeks before the next handicap race. Fingers crossed for a faster time.

My priorities now are to remain optimistic, gain confidence and be patient.

During presentations today after I did get a few things from a previous race I had run 2 months back ๐Ÿ™‚

Medals from a 5k I ran in September. 1st Local Female + 1st Female 18-29 yrs

September 5k Race: 1st Local Female

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  Sub 40min 10k Badge

I made myself a big bowl of Oats after the race ๐Ÿ™‚

Vanilla & Blueberry Oats: 1/3 cup Oats, scoop Vanilla Protein Powder, 1/2 cup Blueberries, scoop Chai Seeds, topped with 1 Nectarine & Mixed Nuts

Getting My Sweat On

I’m halfway through my first week of vacation! Already I’m skimping on sleep, going to bed later but still waking up early to workout. Personally I like to start my day offย  getting my sweat on ๐Ÿ™‚ I like feeling more energized and productive throughout the day. I also don’t have to worry about something popping up and interfering with my workouts when it’s done in the morning. Though I think next week ill be making an extra effort to either adapt my workout schedule or try and not have as many late nights. Workout in the afternoon/evening?!

Workouts This Week:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 45mins on the Bike Low Resistance + 45mins Intervals on the Bike

Wednesday: 10 x Strides in the Park + 30mins on the Bike to Warm Down + Light Weights

Thursday: 8k Run + 45mins Intervals on the Bike

Friday: Lap Swimming

Saturday: 10k Club Handicap Race (This will be my first run on pavement in over 2 months)

Sunday: 90mins on The Bike + Lap Swimming

Some of my edibles ๐Ÿ™‚

Cinnamon Banana Oats: 1/3 cup Oats, 1 Banana mashed, scoop Chai Seeds, 1tsp Cinnamon, topped with PB&Plum Jam and Goji Berries

Snack Plate: Orange Slices, Sesame Snaps, Carrot Sticks & Cottage Cheese for dipping

Brussel Sprouts, Radishes & Black Pepper

Muesli, Blueberry & Yogurt Parfait

Vanilla & Mixed Berry Oats: 1/2 cup Oats, scoop Vanilla Protein Powder, 1/2 cup Mixed Berries, scoop Chai Seeds, topped with 1 Peach, 1 Nectarine, Goji Berries & Mixed Nuts

Hope Your All Having a Great Week So Far ๐Ÿ™‚

Festive/Party Season

Christmas is almost at our door step and with it comes various social gatherings. I love the month of December, it’s the beginning of summer and a great time to catch up with friends before everyone jets off on holidays in January and February.

Today marked the first day of Summer vacation for me and already my diary has filled up very quickly. Don’t get wrong I’m quite happy that I have plans everyday this week. But this summer will also test me with things like being realistic about not being able to prep my meals everyday, eating out more often and catching up for drinks with friends.

Last week I didn’t really have time to dwell on these feelings because I was busy studying. It’s been at the back of my mind but I tried not to think about it. The fact that my usual routines are going to be derailed this summer can either be a positive or negative thing. I’m going to try and chill out and just go with the flow.

Sunday night my phone was literally buzzing with friends messaging me to remind me of Lunch dates, Christmas Parties and Birthday Parties. During the semester I can make up the excuse of school work…sad that I sometimes still avoid having to eat out/step outside my comfort zone.

To try and combat all the fears I’ve decided to do everything in moderation. I know my limits and how much I can cope with. Even if I indulge in a few bad habits for a short while I won’t overindulge all summer. I will try and value good eating and drinking habits. I refuse to cocoon myself this holiday season!

Have An Awesome Start To The Week ๐Ÿ™‚

Things I Love: Weekend Edition

  • Comforting Bowls of Oatmeal

  • Caffeine Fix first thing in the morning

  • Newย  iPod Nano after my other one died

  • Snack Plates with goodies from the Foodie Swap

  • Skyping with my Twin Sister ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Sweet Motivational Messages! (This was actually some junk mail from my bank trying to convince me to open up another account with them lol)

Hope Everyone Had A Safe And Wonderful Weekend!

Wishing You Guys A Fantastic Week ๐Ÿ™‚

Well now I’m off to catch up on all your blogs ๐Ÿ˜‰