Christmas Eve

Just quickly checking in with a quick update on how my Christmas Eve went!

I started my day with an early workout which consisted of 50mins Moderate/Hard intensity followed by 50mins Easy on the bike. Then I did the usual stretching and replenished with a protein shake & some chocolate milk. For the rest of the day I helped my parents out tidying up and wrapping gifts for extended family.

This evening we celebrated Christmas Eve with my dad’s side down at Bondi Beach. We headed to my Aunt & Uncle’s place late afternoon and the weather was absolutely gorgeous throughout the evening. Exactly the way a summer Christmas should be!

It was awesome to catch up with cousin’s and just chill and chat. I had 2 glasses of champagne. I initially wasn’t going to drink…I had been sitting on the fence with this issue. But I set myself a 2 drink limit for the night and stuck with it. I’m so happy to not have restricted with food throughout the day prior to heading out tonight. I ate normally and consistently even though I was still petrified of the calories that are going to be consumed throughout the weekend. Dinner this evening was Roast Turkey, Quinoa & Veggie Salad, Cherry Tomato & Green Bean Salad, Smoked Salmon & Asparagus. Yay for variety and healthy food 🙂 For dessert we had a Christmas Log and homemade Rocky Road which I might add was in shape of a Christmas tree (my Aunt made this from scratch).

Honestly I don’t think tonight could have gone any better. It almost felt like I was back to my old self, yes I still had ED thoughts floating around in my head. For the most part I didn’t really pay much attention to those voices.

So now I just have to wait for the man in the red suit to pay me a visit 😉

I Hope You All Have A Wonderful Christmas Weekend!


30 Comments on “Christmas Eve”

  1. It sounds like you had a really great Christmas Eve and didn’t let the nasty voices take over. That’s what the holidays should be like, in my opinion – enjoying time with the family. 😀 Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Alexandra says:

    Yay for not letting those ED voices win! Your Christmas eve sounded wonderful 🙂 Hope you and your family have a blessed and wonderful Christmas together!

  3. Sounds like a fantastic way to spend Christmas eve! Merry Christmas 🙂

  4. Oh,it’s wonderful to hear you’ve had a nice Christmas Eve without giving in to your ED voice! 😀
    I hope you have a great Christmas,Isabelle!

  5. Christie says:

    I hope you have a merry Xmas lady:)

  6. YESSS for not letting those ED voices ruin your time! This is really inspirational girl, thank you for the inspiration!

  7. Congrats on not giving in and feeling close to normal! What a great thing to achieve on this wonderful holiday. Enjoy the time with your family, and HAPPY CHRISTMAS! 🙂

  8. Tara says:

    Merry Christmas!!! Great way to start the day too! I’m glad you were able to fight back at those ED voices. This may be the first year post-ED that I have really been living up the holidays. It’s nice to eat like a normal person. Eating cookies and not thinking twice about it is so liberating!!

  9. caloricandcrazy says:

    Christmas in Australia sounds like a blast! I need to travel there sometime :]

  10. Oh I’m so glad you had such a lovely Christmas Eve 🙂
    I hope your Christmas was just as good!
    The food sounds delicious and I’m really really pleased for you that you didn’t let those ED voices get to you!!

  11. Happy holidays! I hope you enjoy them 🙂

  12. Sara K says:

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas 🙂 And champagne is the bestttt 🙂 Classy

  13. yayy for eating without the ED! sounds like it was lots of fun 🙂

  14. Chocolate Covered Sneakers says:

    Merry Christmas! Sounds like you had a great holiday with your family!
    PS I’m so jealous you live in Australia and can celebrate on the beach! Seriously like the one place I really want to visit is Australia 🙂

  15. I hope you had a very merry Christmas!

  16. Alyse says:

    SO impressed that you fit in a solid workout on Christmas Eve and stuck to your drink limit. I failed both of those challenges 😉

    Hope your Christmas was magical, and happy new year!!

  17. Kiah says:

    Glad you got to let loose and enjoy the holiday! Way to be, lady 🙂

  18. I think I need to see a pic of the Christmas log and homemade rocky road… I don’t know what these things are and can’t picture them… but I want to… I need to know more! 🙂

    Merry Christmas!!! (really late)

    And Happy New Year!

    I hope your 2012 is going awesome already!! 🙂

  19. miss you girl hope you’re okay 😦

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