Another Tattoo?

Ok so I’ve been toying with the idea about getting a second tattoo for sometime now. For the past few months I’ve been putting together possible ideas.

Here are some of the one’s that caught my attention!

What Do You Guys Think?

I’m thinking of getting it done before Christmas. Early Christmas present for myself!?

Some of my eats today 🙂

Workout Today: 2hrs at a Steady State on the Bike followed by some Stretching then Stabilization.

Well I’m off to babysit again tonight. The good thing about babysitting on a Thursday night is that once the kids are asleep I can stalk all your WIAW eats! The joys of living in the Southern Hemisphere we’re always at least a day ahead of everyone else in the world.

Hope You All Have A Lovely Thursday 🙂


12 Comments on “Another Tattoo?”

  1. Chloe@LightOnMyFeet says:

    I love the first and third tattoo picture. You should definitely treat yourself to one! I wish I could get one but I’m wayyyy to scared of the needle and pain lol 😦

  2. Tara says:

    I like the feather and the little rainbow bird on the neck. I think that would be such a cool early christmas present!

  3. Alexandra says:

    The feather and dove are cool, but I think I’m really in love with that giraffe stand tall one! It’s awesome! 🙂

  4. I really like the giraffe one! And the feather and dove….okay so I like them all haha
    Keep us updated 🙂

  5. My friend actually has a pretty similar tattoo on the back on her neck and it looks wicked cool. I think the one on the wrist might hurt the most but it’s my favorite besides the one on the neck.

  6. Christie says:

    I really like the feather one…. has several meanings:)

  7. sarah says:

    The giraffe standing tall is my fave – really unique I think:)

  8. I really like the last tattoo..the one with the bird that has a flower/leaf in its mouth 🙂
    Great eats! Corn on the cob is soo yummy 🙂

    Hope you had a nice time babysitting!

  9. I love that feather–although maybe not on the wrist, not my favorite place for tattoos.

  10. Charissa says:

    I’m not really into tattoos…but I love feathers. 🙂

    Looks like yummy eats!

  11. I haven’t had radishes in forever! That giraffe tattoo is very unique, they all look nice though!

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