Sunday Telegraph Body + Soul Bridge Run

2011 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival kicked off this morning with the Half Marathon at 6:30am, the 7:30am Full Marathon, 8am Family Fun Run then my race the 9k Body and Soul Bridge Run!

My race was the last one to start at 9am. It was forecast to be a hot one today (86)…I was already hot and a little sweaty by 8am. At least the weather is warming up here, Spring is off to a great start 🙂

I decided to not tape my knee for today’s race since I had been fairly pain free for the last 2-3 days. But my knee hold up for entire race ( I was nervous about this) .

I stuck to my plan of starting off at a moderate pace and really focusing on the middle k’s and finally finishing hard. I’m glad I made a plan it helped with getting in the zone and running my own race. It’s so easy to stick with someone and not really move out of your comfort zone. Through parts of the race I was hesitant at times of passing people. I kept thinking to myself am I going too fast, should I slow it down. But as soon as those thoughts popped into my head I was like no keep doing what your doing….run your own race!

I didn’t quite make the time I had wanted but I’m still happy with the results overall. I was going to blame my injury for my performance and because I had to back off training for the last 2 weeks. But that’s just life! Every race will be different there will always be factors beyond your control. Just got to go with it and make the best of the situation.

I finished the 9k Bridge Run with a time of 36:21 (Average Pace 4:02 per km)

7th out of 2 832 Females 20-29 (Age Division)

16th out of 8 736 Overall Females

Now that’s over and done with I have my next 10km Club Handicap Race in 2 weeks. I can finally ease back into Hill and Sprint Training this week 🙂

My Training Schedule for the Week:

Monday: 5k Recovery Run (Morning) + Short Burst Intervals (Afternoon)

Tuesday: 2 x 45min sessions on the Bike

Wednesday: Hill/Speed Work + Light Weights

Thursday: 2x 45min sessions on the Bike

Friday: 5k Run (Morning) + 45mins on the Bike

Saturday: 10k Club Training Run

Sunday: Long Run 15-20k

The rest of my Sunday Afternoon was spent relaxing and catching up on blogs while sipping on some Green Tea & munching on this yummy Muesli Cookie 🙂

Sorry this was such a picture-less post!

What Did You All Get Up To This Weekend?

8 Comments on “Sunday Telegraph Body + Soul Bridge Run”

  1. Woahh girl! That is such a great time! All your prerace strategies worked! I’m so excited for you!

    I just ran a cross country race. Not so much raced it, but ran to keep my eligibility for running in championships.

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  3. Wow, I think you did awesome! Congrats!

    I’m glad that you’re pre-race strategies helped you. I’m also glad that you ran your own race and had a determined mindset despite the setbacks your injury may have presented. 🙂 Great job!!

  4. Hey it might not be the time you hoped for but it’s still amazing, especially with your being injured! You’re a fantastic runner 🙂
    Great workout plan for the week!

  5. pbbrittany says:

    Great job at the race!! I love how you always tell yourself to “run your own race”. I need to keep that in mind 🙂

  6. Tara says:

    Ohhotdayummmmm you are so fast!!! I love it. Don’t be disappointed – for what your knee has been through, it’s a really great time. I mean, what if you pushed too hard and busted up your knee even worse? That would be so sad!! I think it sounds like you did fabulously. I always remind myself to run my own race – it’s something my coach reminds me of all the time!

  7. 9th out of your age group?! that’s amazing!!! congrats!

  8. buttonss - Cherie says:

    Ohh man! Byron bay cookies are the bombbbb.
    Before I went vegan I would eat them all the time.
    My work sells them, and whenever we would to re fill the cookie jars one or two would always ‘mysteriously’ break and then the staff were allowed to have them instead haha

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