I Never Have To Hit The Snooze Button

It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.
– Aristotle

Are Morning People born or made? I have no idea. But when I do wake up early I am more alert throughout the day and generally more productive.

See I don’t lie! I woke up at 3am but luckily I managed to fall back asleep till 6ish.

I didn’t have a workout planned for this morning so I should have slept in. But my body doesn’t understand the meaning of sleeping in. Good thing I went to bed early last night.

Later this morning I received a phone call saying my new racing flats had arrived. So I went to pick them up from the shopping mall. Instead of taking the car I decided to walk (approx 30min there & 30min back home).

It was a lovely walk except for a creepy encounter on the way back. While I was walking back I was in my own little world not really paying attention just enjoying the sunshine. I was about 10mins away from my house when I became aware that someone was walking behind me very closely, I turned around and it was a random guy (late 40s to early 50s). I didn’t think much of it and just kept walking. Then he walks alongside me….I’m like umm ok wtf!? So I quickened my pace and he did the same. In my head I was like is this seriously happening, if your going to take my wallet and phone just take it! I kept walking faster and he proceeded to do the same this went on for like 5mins. Before he turned to me and said ‘wow your a pretty fast walker’ to that I replied ‘uh yeah thanks’. I was seriously lost for words and didn’t know what to do. He just kept following me. I didn’t want him knowing where I lived so I walked right past my street, and up to the local Corner Store. I know the owners so I just hung out in there till the guy eventually left. He hung around outside the shop for a while. The store owners were ready to call the police in case he tried anything.

Anyway I made it home safe and sound with my new runners. Asics Piranha sp 3

Some of my other eats for the day 🙂

Afternoon Workout: 2 x 45min sessions on the bike. This was such a great workout and left me feeling very energized for the rest of the afternoon/evening!

Well I’m off to bed. 5k run tomorrow followed by some Light Weights!

Everyone’s Week Starting Off Ok I Hope!?

14 Comments on “I Never Have To Hit The Snooze Button”

  1. Wow! 3am? Glad you were able to fall back asleep girl 🙂

  2. Shannon says:

    Same here! I feel that if Im up early Im much more alert and active during the day! 🙂
    Blueberries and oats..yum! 🙂

    Have a great week!

  3. jenandberries says:

    Oh thats scary! What a total creep that guy was, I would have been just like you, keep walking faster until you can get somewhere. At least you could definitely out run him if he tried anything but even so! Those asics are fierce, good luck with your run tomorow 🙂

  4. haleyy0806 says:

    That is super super creepy and one of my biggest fears. I’m glad you are SAFE and you definitely made the right decision in not going home.
    I wish I could wake up at 3?!?! Hello productivity. I’m a morning person, but by morning I mean like 6.

  5. 3 am?! I am so glad you were able to go back to sleep! I don’t know what I would do with myself at that time haha
    That is super creepy too, I am relieved to hear you are safe girl!!

  6. Casey says:

    I’m the same way. 🙂 My most productive, feel-good hours are between 7 and 11am!

  7. I’m a morning girl too! I just hate when I wake up too early (like 3) and can’t fall back to sleep. Then I’m grouchy all day haha. But great job on the runs and workouts!

  8. Julia says:

    Thats so scary about that guy! A similar thing happened to me yesterday but it was a big stray dog that I was afraid was rabid or something…
    Love the mornings! Only time I can think…

  9. Brittany says:

    I find that every time I wake up early and I mean EARLY, like 3 and 4am that I am more alert than if I were to sleep late. Good luck in your race!

  10. That is really scary. I don’t even know what I would have done.

    I am also an early riser. I wake up at 7am everyday no matter what is going on. I personally think it’s good for you and I also feel so much more alive when I do.

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