Sweat Drenching Workout

Fact: I was sweating profusely this afternoon after my workout.

Afternoon Workout consisted of 2 x 45min Intervals on the Stationary Bike.

Dripping in sweat = Exercise Success!?

I rewarded myself with some Oatmeal topped with Vanilla Protein Powder, Banana Slices & Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt 🙂

Good thing sweat is good for your body! It is indeed our body’s most effective way of cooling itself. Random but studies have shown that elite athletes can raise their metabolisms and begin sweating in the time period prior to beginning exercise. Their bodies become so efficient that they begin warming up in preparation for exercise. Pretty cool huh?

Some of my other eats for today (I was pretty lazy with capturing all my edibles today).

In other news I did buy a Klip It To Go 🙂 I first saw this on Sarah’s Blog a few weeks back in this post.

I was disappointed that they only had Green left, I would have preferred it in Blue! I can’t wait to use this…most likely for Oatmeal, Fruits & Yogurts.

I’m so glad it’s Friday tomorrow. Pizza night with friends planned 🙂

I hope everyone’s week is going alright…if not look on the bright side the weekend’s almost here.

13 Comments on “Sweat Drenching Workout”

  1. YAY for weekend! The sweatier you get the better workout you had. Obviously. Even though I normally sweat the most from biking but ya know…

  2. Sara K says:

    Ahh pizza night…I think I’m going to do that for my Friday as well
    Wow what a cool fact about the sweating- do their bodies just “know” when they’re going to work out and they start sweating? I suppose that can be inconvenient though if you’re somewhere where sweating might not be appropriate haha

  3. buttonss - Cherie says:

    I love those little containers.
    Pizza nights are always so much fun!

  4. I love buying new containers for taking food to go. That’s to bad they didn’t have any blue left, but the green still looks nice (greens my favorite color) 🙂

  5. jenandberries says:

    Your breakfast looks SO good! Oh that fact made me happy, I sweat like a waterfall but now I feel really ‘professional’ hehe! Have fun at the pizza night, omg yess bring on the weekend!

  6. yay for sweat! Your foods look sooo good. Pizza night sounds awesome too..
    I had no idea people could train themselves to sweat before. That is crazy!

  7. Tara says:

    I love when workouts make me super sweaty. I feel like I worked extra hard! I guess since it’s summer here it’s sort of easy to make a workout feel really hard though. If I’m breaking a sweat in the winter, then I know it was killer!

  8. Hooray for pizza nights 🙂
    And I love seeing your sliced orange. I have been craving them so bad lately, and I feel like its the most underrated blog-world fruit heh

  9. That’s awesome that you had such a great workout. The meals of the day looks great too!

  10. Awesome post. sounds like you had a great workout!

  11. pbbrittany says:

    I love those workouts!! The sweatier the better!
    &as always, your eats look delicious. Have a great weekend 😀

  12. Yes for pizza nights!
    And sweaty workouts are the best, work that bod 🙂

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