No More Muscle Aches

Yesterday’s long ass Stretching session which lasted until the evening paid off. I was pain free today and my workout was unbelievably fantastic. In addition to Stretching, Chocolate Milk & Ice Baths post workout I’ve been using Radox Muscle Soak Bath Salts right before bed! This definitely helped relax and loosen my muscles 🙂

Afternoon Workout: 45mins of Intervals on the Stationary Bike followed by a 30min Tempo Run.

Post Workout: Chocolate Milk & Oats topped with Vanilla Protein Powder, Mixed Spice & Walnuts.

Breakfast this morning was Muesli, Yogurt & a chopped Apple.

I Snacked on some Celery, Carrot sticks and Walnuts later on.

Zucchini Chips and Veggies drizzled with Tomato Sauce made for a tasty Lunch. A delicious Parfait also made an appearance as usual!

I’d like to have written a longer post but I have to be up earlier then usual tomorrow for my morning run/workout (5am).


4 Comments on “No More Muscle Aches”

  1. Christie says:

    Zucchini chips – YUMM! All of your food always looks so delic. Wahoo for no more soreness – you will have to incorporate that into your weekly routine to keep those aches away!

  2. Sara K says:

    Ahhh stretching is the best, there’s nothing I love more than a good series of cat/downward dog/child’s poses- my shoulders, neck, and back are usually the worst. And those zucchini chips look quite delicious!

  3. Tara says:

    Don’t worry about writing a longer post – the workout comes first! My goodness you wake up early – I can see why you’re turning in early! I’ve found that ice baths and chocolate milk have been working wonders for me, so I’ll have to try the salt bath too! I don’t think i’ve been doing adequate stretching though and that needs to change!

  4. Meals are looking good – specially that yogurt parfait! Holy YUMINESS 😉
    Gotta love stretching! And yoga poses 😀
    Have a great day tomorrow, love!

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