Food is Fuel

A little recap of my weekend!

Saturday Morning I did end up going on the Club 10k training run. It actually turned out to be my favorite run of the week! Our Female Club Captain Corinne is absolutely lovely πŸ™‚ She ended up running with me the whole time and kept pushing me along and motivated. We started off with a 2k warm up jog, followed by 10k run & then a 2k warm down. I was pleased with the overall pace of the run definitely much faster then I had anticipated on doing. Funny thing is at the end of the run Corrine said to me I kept her going and that she was afraid that she was going to drop back. But honestly it was the other way round she really kept me on my toes!Β  This is why I love having a running buddy, sub-consciously you keep each other going.

Breakfast Post-Run: Oats with Sultanas and Yogurt.

My mood picked up significantly after the run. I chilled for pretty much the rest of the morning and got ready for the BBQ Lunch with friends.

Lunch was great! I caught with some friends from elementary school. We just had the best time. I’m so glad I didn’t cancel and fake some sort of illness. I got over some fear foods Sausages! I ate it with a bread roll and all! I’d been avoiding this for so long. A weight was lifted of my shoulders πŸ™‚ I keep needing to remind myself that my body needs a combination of fuels to keep it running at peak efficiency! Having not so good foods once in a while is fine. My relationship with food continues to change and I am much happier now then when I was constantly counting calories and exercising up to 4hrs a day.

Food is Fuel πŸ™‚

As you can see from the above picture a few of my friends decided to butcher some of the sausages before consumption.

My Saturday evening ended with a few glasses of a nice crisp white wine and a lovely family dinner with close family friends. I was in charge of Dessert I made the only thing I personally think I make best. A Parfait of course…considering I have one of these with lunch everyday. I decided to try a different yogurt then what I use during the week. I went with Black Swan Vanilla Bean flavored Greek Style Yogurt and layered that with crushed Almond Biscotti and finished off with Cream Cheese!

Moving on to Sunday. I woke up early but didn’t end up working out till after 7am, mega late workout for me. I only ended up doing 45mins of Intervals on the Stationary Bike. This was still a more intense workout then I had planned…I was just going to cruise along in my comfort zone.

Post Workout: Apple Slices, Orange Slices, Banana with PB&J

Today was very much a bludgy day. I hit the shops mid morning to replenish my diminishing food supplies. Food shopping always perks me up.

Lunch: Oats with some Mixed Spice, Mixed Berries, Vanilla Protein Powder & a crushed Almond Biscotti

Afternoon Snacks: Ants on a Log πŸ˜‰ haha I felt like such a little child prepping this.

Challenges for the upcoming weeks:

  • Develop a Glass Half Full Attitude
  • Try and do One New Thing Each Week
  • Engage with the World Around Me

10 Comments on “Food is Fuel”

  1. Well done on the sausages hun. Your right food is fuel. I want to find a running buddy!!

  2. buttonss - Cherie says:

    Oh yumm, almond biscotti would make a great oat topper I imagine.
    Its great you got over a food fear, I always feel like when I do that I just think ‘wow now that wasnt so bad’

  3. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance says:

    I just brought back ants in a log the other day too and it was quite the reminiscent occasion for me. My childhood years were pretty much consumed by those babies

  4. haleyy0806 says:

    Congrats on stepping out of your comfort zone and eating fear foods! I’ve realized over the past few months how eating foods like that actually do my body good and I come back feeling stronger and faster. Maybe it’s all in my head?
    Either way, it’s awesome that you were able to enjoy the time with your friends and not be bogged down by the thoughts!

  5. Good for you for taking that positive and healthy attitude πŸ™‚ I bet it made you feel so much better than you would have had you denied yourself!
    Great challenges for the week by the way πŸ™‚

  6. Awesome job on the run, so glad it turned out better than you expected!
    Great challenges for the week too πŸ™‚

  7. Great run girl. That is awesome! I want to try and do something new each week but we will see if I make it that far since I’m starting class this week ha.

  8. I’ve never tried running in part of a club or group before. That’s so great that you enjoyed your run, I really want to find a running partner to get that kind of experience. I guess sometimes i run with my dad, so that would count as a running partner! It’s so true, food IS fuel and the body runs all the better with it! Sounds like you have some awesome challenges for the week! πŸ™‚

  9. pbbrittany says:

    yay for stepping out of your comfort zone!! πŸ˜€ Congrats. Good challenges too! I personally need to engage in the world around me more. I’m always on the computer…oops.

  10. I am liking those Ants on a Log I see there! I love eating childhood favorites. I’m glad you stepped out of your comfort zone!

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