All I want to do tomorrow is nothing! I’m seriously lacking in motivation right now. I think its a mixture of tiredness and me just being in a funky mood all day.

I’m thankful I get to sleep in. I don’t go on my 10k run till 7:30am…so late for me. The only thing I’m worried about is being hungry all through the run! Eating before my runs just doesn’t sit well with me. The reason my workout is going to be so late is because I’m running with a local club and they don’t start all their training runs till 7:30am. I’m tempted to just do my own run earlier, but then I feel lazy for not going to the training run.

I just have to get through the morning then get through lunch which is a BBQ with some friends. Followed by dinner with close family friends. I realize that this is very anti-social of me having this outlook.

I wish I could snap my fingers and make all the negative thoughts go away.

Anyway before I head to bed here are some of today’s eats:

Wishing You All A Happy & Wonderful Weekend 🙂

7 Comments on “Motivation”

  1. I’ve been having a low motivation week too! Usually in the morning I’m fine and pumped and motivated to get a bunch of stuff done, but then once lunch time rolls around I’m just ready to do nothing! Strange…hopefully our motivation comes back for the both of us soon!

  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance says:

    Thanks for commenting on my guest post on Alex’s blog! You’ve got some awesome eats over here as well 🙂

  3. haleyy0806 says:

    Not being motivated is super frustrating, but you’ll push through it and soon enough feel rejuvenated and ready to work! I hope you ended up enjoying the BBQ and the family dinner, have a good weekend 😀

  4. pbbrittany says:

    I hate it when I’m not motivated!! Just rest up and have fun with your friends and family! (I have that outlook sometimes too but be happy!) You’ll feel rejuvinated soon and ready to tackle any and everything.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  5. Tara says:

    I almost always eat before running. Even if I’m not hungry. I don’t know why I do.. I think it’s just comforting. It doesn’t bother my stomach though, so i’ll take the extra fuel! I hope your motivation swings back soon… just think of me before you run and how I’d be pumping you up for your run and we can be imaginary running partners, kay?

  6. Aww I understand your annoyance, I hate being un-motivated but sometimes you should just go with how your body feels and rest so don’t feel too bad!
    Nice eats 🙂 Have a good weekend!

  7. I so understand your frustrations… not having motivation is so tough. I hope everything worked out alright this weekend and that you had a nice run with the group! This funk will pass, don’t worry girl, you got this 🙂

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