Pre-performance Strategies

Since in my last post I posted a list of my upcoming races I thought I would share some of my Pre-performance Strategies.

So we all know that competitions can bring out the worst or best in athletes!?

I believe that you have to mentally prepared as well as physically. By having a strong mental approach (ie; having the ability to control your mind before and during events) this will have the same impact on your performance as physical workouts. Mental and Physical readiness work hand in hand together and is the key factor that sets the more successful athletes apart from the rest.

How I warm up my mind?

  • I Visualize myself Running the Race
  • Keep Calm (try not to let anyone upset me)
  • Surround myself with Positive People
  • Practice Breathing/Relaxation techniques
  • Music (certain songs get me pumped up)

These are just a few things the list could be endless! But they all help me to focus, not stress out before races and most importantly perform at my best πŸ™‚

Overall having consistent routines and ways of coping with distractions, uncertainty is greatly reduced and I am less likely affected negatively by external factors.

Eats for Today!

Breakfast: Wholemeal English Muffin split. PB&Strawberry slices + Vegemite, Jarlsberg Lite, Apple slices

Morning Snack: Sesame Snaps + Strawberries

Lunch: My fave lunch this week! Roasted 2 Beetroots. Chopped Beets with Baby Spinach + Parfait

Workout this afternoon: 45mins Stationary Bike followed by 45mins Tempo πŸ™‚

Had some Chocolate Milk then made myself some Instant Oats topped with Yogurt & Sultanas.

Dinner: Quinoa + Steamed Veggies (Peas, Baby Carrots, Green Beans), Canned Salmon & Salad (Baby Spinach, Cucumber)

Well I’m off to prep my Overnight Oats and then it’s an early night for me πŸ™‚

10 Comments on “Pre-performance Strategies”

  1. I have never competed in a race I am a bit scared I do want to though and plan to in a few months. I agree than mental prep is very important

  2. Christie says:

    How do you make the beets less MESSY! I hate getting that red coloring all over everything when I prepare them:) I agree with the mental readiness – When I train I visualize myself at the actual race and it seems to help so much.

  3. haleyy0806 says:

    Love those strategies! During my cross country and track years, music was the best way for me to get pumped up. And I never talked to anyone before a race because it distracted me and made me more nervous. Your dinner looks fabulous!

  4. pbbrittany says:

    These are great tips! They’re even great if you’re trying to set a new PR during a workout. Whenever I do really long runs on the treadmill, the night before I have to pump myself up and keep saying “its only x amount of miles. you can do it. just enjoy it”. I have to do a lot of mental preparation when I run. πŸ˜›

  5. Tara says:

    i used to go crazy before races!! I don’t really get nervous for them anymore. It helps me to just not think about it. I do a lot of strategizing the night before and in the hours leading up to the race I try to keep things stress free!

  6. Awesome tips!! I used to be so nervous before races, like out of control! But now I have learned to calm down and use a few of the hints that you suggest!

  7. jenandberries says:

    Good luck with your races! I’m sure you’ll walk (except you’ll actually run) them no problem with your nutritious foods and good philosophies. πŸ™‚

  8. Awesome strategies! I could eat those pictures of food through my computer screen! :p

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