Short-Burst Interval Training

I’ve been mixing up my workouts to incorporate short-burst interval training into my exercise routine. It’s a welcomed change from the long periods of physical activity that I am used to.

Though the high intensity sprints down at the track definitely leave me feeling utterly exhausted (at least I know I’m doing a good quality workout).

Having a mix of Endurance workouts + Short-Burst Intervals = me being much less bored while exercising!

I started off the morning with a 5.8k run. It was longer then usual because I decided to do both hills on my run twice.

Post Run Breakfast: Carman’s Honey Roasted Nut Instant Oats topped with Goji Berries & Apple Slices + Green Tea.

Mid-Morning Snack: Cinnamon Pears & another Green Tea

Lunch: I went out for lunch and had an Open Grill Sandwich, Cheese & Asparagus + Carrot Juice!

Before heading back home I grabbed a box of Carmans’s Instant Oats. The sachet I tried out this morning came free in my box of Carman’s Fruit Free Muesli I normally purchase. Generally Instant oats especially flavored one’s are so high in sugar/sodium and just lack nutritional value. But the nutritional stats on Carman’s Instant Oats live up to my standards 🙂

Afternoon Workout: Short -Burst Interval Training. 60 second bouts of Sprints x10 with a brief recovery period. Followed by 30mins of Stretching when I got home. I was dead tired by 6pm and just wanted to go to sleep!

Pre-Dinner Snack: Spinach, Kale, Rocket, Tomatoes & Balsamic + Sultanas

Bed Time Snack: Prunes, Semi-Dried Figs, Mandarin

Another long week ahead!

Next Weekend can’t come fast enough 🙂

12 Comments on “Short-Burst Interval Training”

  1. Olivia says:

    I’ve never seen those oats but if the stats meet your standards, they’d certaily be AOK with me:) Btw, can I just tell you that I absolutely LOVE your name!! Beautiful girlie!

  2. I need to start adding short burst interval training too! I’ve only done it a few times, but it left me feeling like I did a great exercise 🙂

  3. Dang girl! That sounds like a hardcore workout day! I havent done a double in yearsss

  4. Sara K says:

    I like short burst interval training! I’m pretty impatient with working out so I like jamming in as much intensity as possible in a short period of time

  5. Seriously! I like short burst interval training. It makes me feel fast and strong all at once.

  6. Woo lady nice job on that workout! Short and fast stuff like that is a killer! Very impressive 🙂

  7. Casey says:

    I totally agree that interval workouts make the time go by faster—I love them!

  8. pbbrittany says:

    oof! Two workouts in one day? I admire you!! I do love interval training though 😀 Make time go by so quick and I’m nice and schwety when I’m done.

  9. i need to try interval type training i do prefer my long rides though. We have carman cereal bars over here been tempted by them as they are low GI

  10. Tara says:

    I love changing it up to avoid workout boredom! Short burst intervals always leave me pooped. We do them a lot more during track season though.. right now i’m looking at at least a month of tempo runs and long intervals!

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