This Engine Slows down in Wet Conditions!

Mr Weather Man you got it wrong :0

Today was partly cloudy and very windy. The race still went ahead but was very close to being canceled due to the conditions on the course.

The hardest part of running in undesirable conditions is just getting started! Even whilst warming up I was kind of dreading it. But once my engines started I was off. It didn’t take long for me to realize that last nights atrocious weather had left its mark on the trail where the race was held.

I ended up lowering the intensity of my run dramatically. I was afraid of sustaining an injury or worse stacking it and breaking something. Otherwise it would have been 4th time lucky for me (yes I’ve broken my arm 3 times). The whole trail was a sludge fest and shoe- sucking muck that slowed pretty much everyone’s pace. The joys of Cross Country 🙂

Along this muddy trail I altered my stride and posture to avoid slipping n sliding. Lets just say I chose my footing very carefully.

Race Outcome: Wet socks & covered in mud from the waist down. But I had fun and felt like a kid again 🙂

My Race Number

Breakfast of Champions!? Oats with Vanilla Creme Protein powder, Cinnamon, Chopped Apple, Mixed Berries, Goji Berries.

About an 1hr or 2 later I had a slice of toast with PB.

I did enjoy a nice slice of Rocky Road Post Race that my dad had so sweetly purchased for me 🙂

Well I have an awesome lunch to look forward to tomorrow! I will be dining at Lucianos. haha I’m stalking their menu already 😉

I hope everyone else is enjoying their Weekend so far!!

4 Comments on “This Engine Slows down in Wet Conditions!”

  1. That’s great the race wasn’t cancelled and that you had fun! I know what you mean about soggy conditions not being very motivating…when I ran my half-marathon it was cold, wet, and windy too!

  2. Glad the race went through and you had fun! Too bad it was cold and windy….:)

  3. Ah sorry about the bad weather and the trail at least it wasn’t cancelled! And good for you for slowing down your pace. I would have done the same thing. I’m one of those people who fall all the time so I have to watch what I’m doing 🙂

  4. pbbrittany says:

    Total bummer about the weather but at least you had fun and didn’t get injured! Glad you did the smart thing and slowed down 🙂 and hun- the weather man is NEVER right. I haven’t listened to him at all this summer. 😛

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