Increasing Speed & Endurance

Tempo workouts are a great way to change up your weekly exercise routine & they build up your speed/endurance!

What I love about Tempo runs is that they are basically “faster runs” with a little structure. I’ve noticed with Tempo runs that my 5ks are getting faster as the Tempo runs have been teaching my body to run faster before fatiguing.

Some of the Benefits:

  • Helps push out your Lactate Threshold
  • Your body becomes more effective in clearing out the lactate build up
  • Increases your VO2Max
  • Your body will make more Capillaries in the Muscle (more oxygenated blood getting to the muscle)

I slept in this morning :0   

So I took this as an opportunity to relax have a cup of Green Tea read some blogs and check emails! This morning I also spent a good 1hr just stretching whilst watching TV. I still did my scheduled workout but just in the afternoon.

I warmed up with 45mins on the Stationary Bike at home then headed out and did 30mins of tempo running. When I got back I did another 45mins on the bike as a warm down. Overall it was a great workout. A good sleep does wonders….going to bed early tonight again!

Post Workout: Chocolate Milk, Instant Oats + Yogurt + Cinnamon

Some other eats from today 🙂

Breakfast: Spelt Maple & Almond Muesli, Strawberries, Yogurt + Apple slices

Lunch: Pear, Avocado & Onion Salad + Mixed Berry Parfait (On this salad I tried out a new dressing that I found on Brittany’s blog.  You can find the recipe for the dressing here!)

No point in putting up dinner. I had leftovers from last night.

Before Bed I snacked on a Mandarin, Dates & Semi Dried Figs

No sleeping in tomorrow morning!

6 Comments on “Increasing Speed & Endurance”

  1. I love tempo runs too…I feel like it makes all my runs faster. I seriously must have been slugging around this summer, because as soon as
    I started doing faster runs with the team, my pace got faster- even for on-my-own runs.

    I love green tea! I have this kind that’s papaya-passion fruit flavored and I’m bringing it to camp with me so I can have it before my morning run!

    I agree- good sleep is important. I can remember having a handful of 5ks last year that I felt awful during because I was working on homework late, or I just couldn’t sleep. I mean, I still did well, but I didn’t run to my full potential.

  2. Yum! love me some dried figs and dates 🙂 excellent choice! haha

  3. This is great information and of course all so true! Tempo runs are rather painful when doing them, but the benefits are great… especially when it comes to racing! You are so much more used to maintaining that type of pace
    That is quite a tasty late-night snack, a combination I have all the time 🙂

  4. Christie says:

    What a great start to your day!!!

  5. pbbrittany says:

    I’ve actually never had a tempo run, but with all those benefits I’m thinking that I need to do some!! 🙂

  6. Errign says:

    Pear and avocado on salad sounds amazing!

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