Chocolate Milk Post-Exercise?

I’m contemplating deviating from my Post-Workout Protein Shake next week and trying out low fat Chocolate milk. I want to see if it has any effect on my performance in subsequent training sessions, as I normally workout twice a day.

Benefits of consuming Fat Free Chocolate milk during the 2hr period after exercise:

  • Aides the body to Retain, Replenish & Rebuild Muscle
  • Helps prep the muscles to perform better if you do more then one workout a day
  • Enhanced Skeletal Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • Greater concentration of Glycogen (muscle fuel) in muscles
  • Maintain Lean Muscle

In addition Chocolate Milk contains nutrients that traditional sports drinks lack.

Information on this topic is still fairly new. From my readings it seems that the findings from this new research was presented at the American College of Sports Medicine conference June 2010.

I would love to know if anybody else can shed some light on this.

Ever tried Chocolate Milk Post Workout?

What was on the menu today!?

Breakfast: A big plate of Fruit

Morning Snack: 2 Cruskits with Raspberry + Brazil Nut & Linseed spread, Mandarin

Lunch: Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber & Cheese sandwich + Carrot sticks

Pre-Workout: Black Coffee & a good Book

Post-Workout: Protein Shake & a massive bowl of Mixed Berries

9 Comments on “Chocolate Milk Post-Exercise?”

  1. I have heard chocolate milk after exercise works wonders for recover. I have started drinking it to get more calcium into my diet. Your food photography has always got me drooling.

  2. Like Holly, I have heard that chocolate milk is fantastic for you after a workout. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

  3. I read that the reason chocolate milk is good post-run is because the carb to protein ratio is 4:1. Apparently that is a good ratio for endurance running or exercises but when it comes to strength you need a higher ratio of protein. Apparently the perfect ratio is yet to be discovered! P.S – I love big plates of fruit πŸ™‚

  4. Haley Q says:

    My cross country coach used to encourage us to drink a cup of chocolate milk after every run. At the time, I wasn’t aware of how important refueling was so I didn’t pay attention to the effects of it. I do remember it being refreshing and really milk is milk, it’s always good to have a little extra!

  5. Sara K says:

    Chocolate milk sounds like it would make a good post-workout snack considering it’s a combo of carbohydrates, fat, and protein. I would try it- plus it’s yum πŸ™‚

  6. Tara says:

    i was actually going to put up a post about chocolate milk post exercise this weekend! It’ll be up next week while I’m away instead. I say go for it! I’m going to start doing that during the season as well! By the way that sandwich has me drooling.. it’s so simple but sounds like it would be really good right now!

  7. buttonss - Cherie says:

    I’ve heard about the whole chocolate milk thing.
    I think you should definitely do an experiment and try it out!

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