Ditch the Bedtime Snack?

Does it matter What Time We Eat?

I learnt that although two people may have the same caloric intake, the timing of when you eat your calories is extremely important. Our body’s hormones are heavily programmed based on a 24hr circadian rhythm.

What does this all mean? In a nutshell the hormones for storage are released in more concentrated amounts at night, in comparison to the ones for fuel and food burning.

Ideally we need about 10-12hrs without food overnight. (This will also raise our metabolic rate).

As much as I agree with this I also believe that you shouldn’t deprive yourself of a bedtime snack if your hungry. It’s important to listen to your body! If we are exercising intensely obviously our bodies are going to demand more food. So eat up, but at the same time think before you  reach for the late night snack (are you really hungry or are you just eating out of habit?/what are you eating sugary snack or fruit?/mindless munching in front of the TV?)

Breakfast: After my grueling workout Wednesday morning I made myself  2 slices Toast (Egg + Raspberry Jam) & sliced up an Apple.

Morning Snack: Ants on a Log, Mandarin and Raisins.

Lunch: Split an English Muffin (Light cream cheese & Cucumber)(Tomato & Jarlsberg lite) + Orange

Afternoon Snack: Black Coffee + 1 scoop Vanilla Ice-Cream

7 Comments on “Ditch the Bedtime Snack?”

  1. Sara K says:

    Coffee and ice cream! My favourites! I personally need to have a nighttime snack otherwise I wake up famished- and I’ve been doing it for years so I think it’s just how my body works.

  2. I just listen to my body! I believe you should have a bed time snack if you are really hungry so your body does not go into starvation mode!

  3. I always have something before bed no matter what I’ve ate throughout the day otherwise I wake up starving at 1 am unable to sleep.

  4. If I don’t have a night time snack I wake up with my stomach on fire. But I eat an early dinner so my night snack is often still 2 hours before bed. I love when cheese has holes in it like the one on your sandwich 🙂

  5. It depends on what I have for dinner. If I have a giant steak then my belly says no more food. But small meals=bedtime snacks.

  6. ants on a log!! haha I haven’t had those in ages 🙂

  7. buttonss - Cherie says:

    Awuh peanut butter and celery, i havent had this in so long!!

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