Hungover but still Alive

All’s Well That Ends Well! The weekend came and went! Babysitting was really good, had a fantastic time with the kids. I ended up staying overnight so their parents could spend the night in the city. It was great Sunday morning preparing breakfast…I had plenty of little helpers in the kitchen. The kids and I made Scrambled Eggs and had it with leftovers from Saturday nights dinner which was Veggie Chicken Sausages! I wish I had taken some photos of some of the meals I made for them, except the girls I babysat for hijacked my camera. As I was looking through this morning at some of the shots they had taken with it…random shots of their toys,pets!

Here’s a blurry one they took of me 🙂

Sunday was fantastic! I had a family lunch at my cousins place, and had way too many glasses of wine 🙂

I literally lost count!! But I had the best time and they had the most amazing Pumpkin cake/pudding  (it was a cross between cake and pudding). I was the only one who kept on picking at it throughout the afternoon so they gave me all the leftovers. I am not really sure why nobody else liked it, it had freaking pumpkin in it!

All that drinking left me feeling really gross by the evening. I ended up in bed by 8:30pm, needless to say I had a very restful sleep & didn’t wake up once (I normally wake 2-3 times a night).

Normally on this blog I post my Training plans for the week on Monday….umm well I didn’t workout today! But not to worry tomorrow I will be back on track with my workouts 🙂

Breakfast: I don’t know how people can consume greasy food when they are hungover, I personally become ultra sensitive to smells. I was craving fruit this morning! So I sliced an Apple and Orange. But I started to feel sick and yeah left the remainder of the orange slices for later.

Lunch: More fluids in the form of Carrot Juice + Cheese & Tomato sandwich (I used 2 slices of Jarlsberg lite on Burgen Soy & Linseed bread)

My new frames were ready for me to pick up this afternoon. I kicked to the curb my Mui Mui frames for these lovely Prada one’s. yay 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend?!

7 Comments on “Hungover but still Alive”

  1. whew! glad your alive haha but it sounds like a bomb weekend! that pumpkin thing sounds good haha 🙂

  2. Awe that sounds adorable. They sound so cute. I am super glad that you posted that you were hung over because so many people don’t post that on the blog and then get super defensive about it. PS: I have nearly the same glasses ha. Twinnies! I just got a pair of versaces and I’m never going back.

  3. haleyy0806 says:

    You have to have a little fun here and there and go a little crazyyyy. Your glasses are super cute! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  4. Sara K says:

    Love the Prada frames! I agree about the hangover food- I’m usually pretty nauseous for the most part so I usually just want a big ol platter of fresh fruit, LOADS of water, and fresh air.

  5. whats a weekend if you dont have too much wine now and again 🙂

  6. I love your new frames, they look great! I usually where my contacts, but every once in a while I’ll opt for my frames…if had ones as awesome as your I would wear them often though 🙂

  7. Tara says:

    A cross between a pudding and a cake? Can you send me some of this pumpkin-y goodness?! Haha it sounds amazing!!
    My weekend can be described in one word: tired. I got an offer to babysit and told them I couldn’t because I would be in bed by 8. I could barely hold my head up! cross country camp did me in!

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