Hearts Entwined Forever

Hearts entwined
Twenty fingers, twenty toes,
two sweet babies with cheeks of rose.
Born on the same day, two gifts from above,
lives entwined, two babies to love.
~Author Unknown

Saying Goodbye to my Best Friend

Not double trouble, but twice blessed.  ~Author Unknown

This morning I farewelled my twin sister Sabrina as she embarked on her new journey in life. Sitting at Sydney International Airport this morning was agonizing for the both of us & our parents. We were both choking/ holding back tears as we had breakfast. People around us must have thought we were crazy or something. We had good reason to be so upset, you see my sister Sabrina is not only moving to another country but as of this moment the next time we will see each other is uncertain.

Where is going? What is she doing? As you guys read this some of you may or may not understand her decisions, but I will try my best to explain. So here goes! Sabrina has currently finished all her university studies (she is a Teacher & she also just finished her Masters in Philosophy). Since from 2008 she had contemplated Religious Life (as practicing Catholics we believe you have 2 vocations Married Life or Religious Life). For the last couple of years she had been praying & searching for the Religious Order that would suit her to join. Last year Sabrina already had in mind which Religious Order she would like to join and made the trip over to the United States to visit their main convent. Whilst there she took part in their retreat and met other girls who were also discerning their vocations. Upon returning home she was excited and so much more sure that this is what God had planned for her & felt where she belonged. And so for the last few months preparations have been underway for her depart…finally today came when she had to leave. The only contact we can have with her will be through letters & phone calls on special occasions (although during her second year this will be alot less as they have to detach themselves from the material world).

Yeah so last night was our last meal as a family, which of course was one of her favorite meals a Roast! This week has been a whole lot of last this and last that…ugh! Our Birthday is the 13th August only 2 weeks away this will be our first of many birthday’s I guess we will now spend apart.

For lunch today I decided to have a glass or two of the wine we always bought to share every Friday Afternoons (we used to just chill & talk about life…).

I’ve already put together her first Care Package just little reminder of home in the form of food!

Tim Tams, ANZAC cookies, Vegemite, Lamingtons

I also went through all the Food Idea Magazines we had to find all her favorite recipes/dishes. I’m scanning them and sending them to her asap! I picked up that Cupcakes book for Sabrina today whilst browsing through the bookstore (she has the biggest sweet tooth).

I realize that this post is completely unrelated to fitness/food which is what my intention was when I first started this blog. But hopefully through me writing about more personal things that are going on in my life you can all get to know me better.


7 Comments on “Hearts Entwined Forever”

  1. That must be so hard for you sayong good bye to your twin who has been part of your life for so long. Just try and hold on to the fact she is going to be really happy doing something she feels passionate about and I am sure you will see her again even if it is a long time away. Is nice to read more about you.

  2. buttonss - Cherie says:

    My gosh your gorgeous.
    Aw it must be sad to see her go, the little care package you put together is really sweet, I bet she will love it.

  3. Aww! this is so sweet 🙂 love seeing the TimTams in the care package! those things are addicting!

  4. That must be so hard for you! I am close to my younger sister and couldn’t imagine being in that situation. Thinking about you girl!

  5. haleyy0806 says:

    I’m so sorry you guys have to be apart for a while 😦 Saying goodbye really is one of the hardest things to do, but it’ll make seeing her again that much sweeter. Hopefully you guys can still Skype or call/facebook eachother which makes the distance gap seem alot smaller. Don’t get too down and try to enjoy your weekend!!

  6. I just found your blog and I am so glad I did. You and your sis are beautiful! I know what you’re going through. 😦 I have a twin sister also, and I just moved from Indiana to California–and she’s back in Indiana. It’s hard. But it’s bringing us both new opportunities, and I think we always depended on each other a bit too much, so it will be good for you two. And being a twin–you know that bond can never be broken or lessened, no matter how far apart you in distance! Thinking about you!

  7. Sara K says:

    You are both absolutely gorgeous! I know it’s hard seeing someone you love leave, but you can go visit her, yes? My family is going through a similar thing right now- my sister is going off to uni, my parents are most likely moving abroad and I either have to find a job and stay here or move to Finland and find one

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