Green Tea + Eucalyptus Drops

Unbelievably frustrating not being able to go for a run this morning. But I refused to sit back and do nothing today. Instead I did 1hr 30mins on the stationary bike (quality of the workout wasn’t where I’d liked it to have been). Overall I’m glad I made this decision it was a cold, windy & rainy day.

Post Workout Snack: Mandarins + Go Natural Nut Delight Bar (Chopped Almonds,Peanuts,Brazil Nuts,Walnuts&Honey)

These bars are the best! Fat;13.4g, Sat Fat;1.4g,Carbs;9.6g,Sugars;7.3g,Sodium;6mg

Little side note: I knew I was coming down with something, woke up quite congested. The rest of the day consisted of copious amounts of Green Tea & Eucalyptus Drops ( I ate these things like candy in elementary school even when I wasn’t sick). At school we called them cough lollies.

10 Comments on “Green Tea + Eucalyptus Drops”

  1. buttonss - Cherie says:

    Eucalyptus Drops!! Yes pleeeease!
    Every school in australia has these, we use to call them ‘koala poos’ hahaha.

  2. Nice workout! I’ve never tried Eucalyptus drops (don’t even know if we have them in Michigan) but they look really interesting!

  3. Sara K says:

    Oh noooo hope you feel better soon 🙂

  4. Tara says:

    Oh the stationary bike.. the machine I love to hate. yet I’m going to my first spin class in an hour. I’ve never tried Eucalyptus drops but they sound kind of good? i love cough drops if they’re similar.

  5. That nut delight bar looks real yummy! I hope your congestion goes away soon 🙂

  6. I absolutely love mandarines. I love to back ’em as a snack everywhere I go – soo delicious. And those drops look interesting – I’d be down to try those!

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