No Monday Blues for me

Love starting Monday morning’s with an early run! Felt great throughout the whole 5km run + I was happy with the pace, this is always an added bonus 🙂

Week 2 Goals/Training:

Monday: 5km run -morning, Strength -afternoon

Tuesday: 45mins stationary  bike-afternoon

Wednesday: 5km run + Hill & Speed training -morning

Thursday: 45mins stationary bike -afternoon

Friday: 5km run -morning, Interval training -afternoon (I’m going to try out this Track Interval training from . My interval training would normally consist of 400m sprints + 2min breaks in between each set x5).

Sat/Sun: Haven’t decided yet.

Plans for today include seeing Bridesmaids with my twin and Grandmother + Lunch.

I’ve also got to pick up a few things for dinner tonight…I’m cooking!

I’m making Adas Pollo a recipe I found on  . When I saw this recipe had Black Lentils (♥) I just had to try it! Fingers crossed it turns out ok & everyone at home enjoys it!

Thought I might leave you guys with a pic of my dinner last night, which by the way I also had the night before.

Salmon + Sweet Potato mash:

8 Comments on “No Monday Blues for me”

  1. Wow time zone difference confused me so much. It’s still sunday night where I am haha 🙂 Sounds like you had a great Monday morning and you’ve got some great goals for the week 🙂

  2. Haha sounds like a great Monday morning! excellent goals 🙂
    BTW- I just got Vegemite from my sister this weekend from Australia haha! check it out

  3. Mmm salmon, I haven’t had it in WAY too long..!
    What did you think of Bridesmaids?! I was kinda dissapointed with it…:(

  4. I heart black lentils too! Hope the recipe turns out great for you 🙂

  5. Tomorrow’s the big day!!! Hehehe I hope you enjoy the workout. Let me know how it goes, seriously. It left me feeling drained but like a bad a$s 😉

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