Depleted Supplies

TGIF!! Weekend means grocery shopping. I look forward to this every week…um yeah I’m weird like that.

What’s on my list?! (not listed but of course will be purchased in large quantities lots of fresh fruit & veggies)

  • Burgen Soy & Linseed bread
  • Go Natural Delight bars
  • Jalna natural yoghurt
  • Fava nuts Roasted Broadbeans
  • Wafterthin crackers
  • Rye Cruskits
  • Lite Jarlsberg cheese
  • Uncle Toby’s rolled oats
  • Mother Earth Deluxe mix Super Fruits & Deluxe mix Dark chocolate and Almonds

Snack Box needs a refill:

I actually ran out of bread already this was taken a day or 2 ago

Mixed frozen Berries a staple in my parfaits

Only 1 Green Apple left 😦

6 Little packs became 1

Thinking the last bit in the yogi tub will be breakfast tomorrow…toss in the remainder of the berries?

Ok so I’m off to get ready dinner & show tonight with my parents and twin sister.

Before I head off here are some shots of my dinner. Sweet potato, carrots, onion and broccoli…this was going to be my dinner before I found out we were eating out. Anyway since I’ve already cooked it all it will have to be my lunch or dinner tomorrow!

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