Snapshot of today’s Eats & Workout

Brekky this morning: 1 Weet-Bix, 1 Green Apple, 2 slices Burgen Rye, Drizzle Maple Syrup & Soy Milk

Mid-Morning Snack: 2 slices Jarlsberg Lite + 1 Cucumber & Black Coffee

Lunch: 1 steamer bag of Broccoli, Carrot & Cauliflower + 1 can John West Chilli Tuna + 1 Orange

Afternoon Workout: 45mins Stationary bike + Buffy ( I borrowed this from my brother he has seasons 1-7…so I’ve decided this would keep me motivated. 1 Episode per bike session. I’m on Season 1 episode 3 today!) Had my usual Parfait + Black Coffee before I started this workout.

Post-workout Snack: 2 small Mandarins + Sunbeam Fruit Nut (mix of cashews, apple, apricot & sultana’s)

Dinner: My twin sister made dinner tonight, which was a Chunky Beef & Onion Pie. Also had some salad to go along with it.

I have an early start tomorrow morning, 5km run!

2 Comments on “Snapshot of today’s Eats & Workout”

  1. Tara says:

    oooh are you racing the 5k? I love starting off my day running! I also love exercising while watching TV. today I watched keeping up with the kardashians. I think it’s totally acceptable to watch trash tv while exercising since you’re not really wasting time!

    • Yeah I’ve decided to race in the 5k. I’m excited! I always bike while watching something either on tv or I pop a dvd in my laptop…real housewives,jerseylicious,jersey shore.

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