Hill Training + Speed work

This morning I had planned on going just for a easy 5km run like what I did Monday. Instead my dad convinced me to Jog for 3km then once we reached the dreaded hill…sprint x5 up the hill with a jog recovery in between.

I was moody starting off and was just going to continue with the last 2km of my usual run and leave him to do his thing. But once I got started I felt better and had more energy, and was glad I didn’t stick to my original run that I had planned. I found that I was able to finish the last 2km at a faster pace and felt great long after the workout.

1 teaspoon of Moccona medium roast + 1 teaspoon of Nesquik + Boiling water = C affine + Sugar fix

This and 1 Orange was my Mid-morning snack.

Currently I’m working on formulating my training program in the lead up to the race next month (August 20th).

Wednesday will become my Hill training & Speed work day. The intensity of the Hill training will increase as I go along.

I still need to map out a plan for some light weight training. I’m in desperate need for an upper body workout. The muscle mass I’ve lost in my upper body is ridiculous (this is due to my own stupidity…but that is another story).


1 of the steamer bags (Baby Beans, Carrots & Broccoli) + 1 can Four Bean Mix

Also cut up another Orange to go with lunch.

Afternoon snacks: Parfait + Black Coffee & Golden Days Sesame Snaps

Just in case anyone is wondering for dinner I had Shepard’s Pie & Salad, no pictures sorry!

Can’t go to bed without a little snack: Milk&Cookies

2 Comments on “Hill Training + Speed work”

  1. The New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women book has an awesome strength training plan to follow! I’ve been doing it for about a month now and I’ve already noticed some changes and my upper body strength is getting so much better! It’s a definite check out if you can 🙂

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