A Typical Morning for moi

This is how I start off every morning. Green tea + reading blogs.

A short while later Breakfast preparations are underway.

PB&Honey with Apple slices.

This not complete without 1 Weet-Bix and the rest the Apple. with some Soy milk.

Finished product 🙂

I then make my afternoon snack/Pre work-out snack (since this afternoon I’m doing 45min on the stationary bike)

Ingredients ready for my Parfait.

+ =

Now I’m off to tackle the rest of the day! Hope you all  have a lovely day/night depending on where you are in the world.

4 Comments on “A Typical Morning for moi”

  1. Tara says:

    Oooh I love how you grill that sandwich!! Such a good idea. I haven’t had a pressed sandwich in a while. It looks delicious! I also love parfaits. I like making them in almost empty peanut butter jars (like OIAJ).

  2. buttonss says:

    Ohh carmens muslie is so yummy! Your parfait is making me hungry.

  3. ilikejerseys says:

    i eat vegetable everyday

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